• Hungary
  • Budapest Sparty

    Budapest is considered the spa capital of Europe, thanks to its location on a fault line and the number of natural hot springs that have popped up over thousands of years. Its also famous for its Ruin Bars (kertz), cheap booze and great parties. Naturally the locals decided that what was really needed was a combination, the […]

  • Croatia
  • Sail Croatia: In Review

    Sail Croatia

    With Sail Croatia being one of the things we were most excited for on the trip, and our expectations set super high, we could have quite easily been disappointed. But disappointed we were not. The week exceeded our expectations on every front! Our Croatian adventure started in Dubrovnik, where our trio was made a quad with […]

  • Macedonia
  • Paragliding over Lake Ohrid

    Paragliding over Lake Ohrid, Macedonia

    4 days in Lake Ohrid and Mike and Lisa just ran off a cliff, literally. Whose bloody idea was this!? Oh that’s right, it was Lisa’s!!  When we saw the paragliding poster in Ohrid’s main square I didn’t give it a second thought. Those extreme sports are not for me. I naturally gravitate to boat cruises […]