Sailing trip to the Blue Lagoon, Malta

As soon as we booked our tickets for Malta we knew we wanted to do a boat trip, and preferably one like we did in Santorini with unlimited wine! After researching online we settled with Barbarossa Excursions, and couldn’t have been happier with our choice.

Our day started with our guide picking us up from the central square of Xhagra in a small open back tuktuk, very similar to what we’ve ridden in Thailand and Vietnam! We bounced our way down to Maggr Port where we met our boat. The first ones on board we headed straight for the front of the boat and settled ourselves in. Without any introduction or greeting from the boat staff we cast off and headed on our way, with only 8 other people on board. We just couldn’t believe our luck with how big and spacious the boat was.

Day Sailing Trip to the Blue Lagoon, Malta #Travel #Malta #BlueLagoon

Little did we know we were headed over to Malta to pick up the remainder of our passengers. Once fully boarded there was nowhere left to sit! There were people on top of the cabins, along all the seats and a couple even had to sit inside. Thankfully we managed to commander a space right next to the bow meaning we didn’t have anyone sitting next to us and had uninterrupted views of where we were headed – many others weren’t as lucky!

Finally we got an introduction from our captain, with the obligatory jokes about it being his first time sailing the boat that seem to come with every water based tour you book. Why do they always think this is funny!? He explained the boat trip had some people on a half day trip (us) and others who had booked a full day cruise or cruise/jeep combo. He didn’t however mention at what point the half day would finish or where we could find the unlimited wine that we signed up for. With our priorities in order though we headed off to find the wine.

Wine in hand, the sun on our backs and the best seats in the house we were patting ourselves on the back for a day well planned. First stop of the tour for us was the St Maria Caves. We’d expected stunning sights, but we weren’t prepared for just how stunning the scenery was actually going to be.

Day Sailing Trip to the Blue Lagoon, Malta #Travel #Malta #BlueLagoon

Day Sailing Trip to the Blue Lagoon, Malta #Travel #Malta #BlueLagoon


The most highly anticipated stop of the tour was the Blue Lagoon on Camino Island. Apparently by midday in summer the Blue Lagoon has over 6000 visitors, meaning that its beaches are full, boats are almost bumping into each other and its barely enjoyable for anyone. Because of this our captain made a beeline there as soon as we left Malta, hoping to beat the crowds. And beat the crowds did…

Day Sailing Trip to the Blue Lagoon, Malta #Travel #Malta #BlueLagoon

Day Sailing Trip to the Blue Lagoon, Malta #Travel #Malta #BlueLagoon

Neither pictures or words can capture how incredible the water at the Blue Lagoon actually is, its absolutely crystal clear and bluer than you could ever imagine. We couldn’t believe out luck when we dropped anchor and got to leap over the side. Anyone who has been anywhere near a cliff, large rock or boat with me knows how much I live jumping off things and can imagine how excited I was when the captain said we could jump from the bow of the boat!

Mark and I separated ourselves from the hordes jumping off the boat and swam away to enjoy a little peace and quiet. I’m pretty sure the conversation just went “Wow, the water is so blue. “Yea, the water is so blue.” “Look how clear the water is” “Isn’t this amazing” “It’s so blue”.

Day Sailing Trip to the Blue Lagoon, Malta #Travel #Malta #BlueLagoon

After our swim stop we all headed back to the boat and around the corner to the Crystal Lagoon. As the crystal lagoon is only accessible by boat, its a lot quieter. We also found that a lot of the people from our cruise didn’t jump off the boat because they’d “already been for a swim”. We had no such hesitation and were throwing ourselves off the side again minutes after we were given the go ahead. My phone has the ability to change the burst photos that it takes into videos, which were the cause of much hilarity!

We had the option of paying an exra €5 for a boat trip to the caves. Ever money savers we skipped and decided to swim over instead! I’m glad because the caves were actually rather underwhelming…

Day Sailing Trip to the Blue Lagoon, Malta #Travel #Malta #BlueLagoon

Our third and final stop of the half day was St Nicholas Bay, home to Comino Hotel and Bungalows. This is the only hotel on the Island of Comino, and guarantees you access to the Blue Lagoon without the masses! We didn’t go ashore here but spent more time drinking wine, swimming and trying to see if we could fit a return to stay at the hotel into our plans for the rest of summer – we couldn’t.

Following this stop the captain had the floor again and informed us all that we were now headed back to Gozo where we would drop those who had booked the half day Jeep Tour. We knew full well that this also meant the end of our boat trip, but we were having so much fun we decided to take advantage of the lack of organisation and stay onboard. The majority of the passengers disembarked, but nobody noticed us on board until we’d left the harbour. We pled ignorance when they finally mentioned it and ended up getting away with only having to pay an extra €20 for lunch and another 4 hours of sunshine and wine!

The second half of our day was even better than the first, we had less than 20 people onboard and the scenery still had us in awe.

Day Sailing Trip to the Blue Lagoon, Malta #Travel #Malta #BlueLagoon

Day Sailing Trip to the Blue Lagoon, Malta #Travel #Malta #BlueLagoon

By this point the camera had fallen by the wayside and we were more focussed on swimming and drinking all of the wine. The crew humored us, telling us that they were out of wine. Only to bring out another 4L! I’m not 100% sure on the names of the places we stopped, after 5 hours of blue ocean and free wine we weren’t worrying too much about what we were actually looking at.

Most reviews we read of boat cruises around Malta complained that they were overpacked, overpriced and occasionally underwhelming. Thankfully ours wasn’t! While the first half was busy, we spent most of the time staring off the boat, drinking wine and oblivious to the hordes of people behind us. By the time we were ready to truly relax, tan and take ridiculous photo’s they’d cleared off and we had free reign.

Arriving back in Gozo we were pleasantly tipsy, laughing at anything and everything and headed back to a bar to keep things going.

For everyone who asks for a recommendation of a boat trip to the Blue Lagoon, Barbarosa Excursions will be top of our list. 8 hours on the water, lunch, unlimited wine, incredible views and great company. Not bad for €60!

Day Sailing Trip to the Blue Lagoon, Malta #Travel #Malta #BlueLagoon

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  1. I can totally get on board with the idea of a boat tour with unlimited wine and a blue lagoon! This is heavenly!! #FeetdoTravel

  2. Garth says: Reply

    Great post guys, we planning a trip to Malta next summer, the Blue Lagoon looks just stunning! We’re going to have to do that for sure, in fact I think we’ll just copy exactly what you did!

  3. Great article boys- loved Malta a lot – something super cool about that place. It was HOT when I was there, but we cooled off in the water with all the great diving.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow it just looks so….blue! Absolutely stunning and I’ve seen a lot of stuff on Malta lately – looks like such a great country and posts like this are making me want to go! Great day trip and looks like you guys had fun!

  5. Sounds like you had an amazing trip! Malta is one of our favourite destinations in Europe and somewhere we are considering for our retirement. We love the blue lagoon and crystal lagoon – isn’t that water blue lol!!! We always stay in Mellieha and go out with Sandro who owns English Rose Cruises – he has a little boat so not many people on board. Its cheap (€12) and he also has BBQ nights on Comino on Wednesday where you are literally the only people there! Sitting at the blue lagoon with good food, wine, music with fireworks from a festa in nearby Gozo was one of the most magical evenings of our lives. If you go back try Sandro and the BBQ night – sure you guys would love it.

  6. What gorgeous photos! This so reminds me of some of the boat tours we had when island hopping in Greece. It looks like you guys had an amazing day and made the most of your time on the boat and in the water!

  7. Ruth says: Reply

    Whoa! Was that sailing trip amazing or what? The color of the water, the visibility and the cave look amazing. I really enjoy being on the water (this weekend was spent next to a lake) and sailing trips have a lot to do with my “happy place.” Hope one day I can do one in Malta or Santorini.

  8. Yeah so blue. Sailing trip is a really nice idea on Malta. Cuz in my opinion there are not so much doings on the land.

  9. I’m often disappointed to see that my pictures can’t capture the reality of a place, it’s beauty and serenity. But your pictures of the Blue Lagoon actually do. Well done!

  10. It was good that you were able to capture vantage positions. The views are so amazing, it would have been disappointing if your view was obstructed. The caves look really fascinating and the water blue and inviting.

  11. Kreete says: Reply

    Omg this would be a dream come true! You had me at free wine and the water looks damn beautiful. This really gives me massive wanterlust! Have to go to Malta I guess!

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