How Much Does Sail Croatia Cost?

How Much Does Sail Croatia Cost

Our week on Sail Croatia was without a doubt one of our favourites of the trip so far. But it was also one of the hardest to budget for! We knew upfront how much the base cost was, but had no idea on how much we’d spend on all the optional excursions, how much drinks on board would cost or what other hidden costs might spring up. Thanks to my obsessions with excel spreadsheets and our budget keeping we now know! So, how much does Sail Croatia cost!?

All costs are for two people.

Cruise Cost – €978 (£838)

How Much Does Sail Croatia Cost

We booked a 7 night Sail Croatia Navigator Cruise, starting in Dubrovnik and ending in Split. Splurging a little, we went for the ensuite cabins instead of the ones with shared facilities (a decision we were extra thankful for when Mark got a stomach bug). The price included all breakfasts and lunches, the accomodation on board and 1L of water per day per person.

Drinks – €298.80

How Much Does Sail Croatia Cost

Unsurprisingly for a cruise renowned for its partying, drinking was our biggest expense of the week. This total includes the bar tab (€160) we racked up on the boat, as well as drinks we bought off the boat. Our total is considerably lower than a lot of others on the boat as we stuck to beer outside of happy hour, and made the most of the 1L cocktails during happy hour. If you make sure to be friendly with the bartender they’re pretty strong!

The boat runs a bar tab system where your drinks are tallied on a chart and totalled at the end for you to pay. After hearing horror stories of people ending the week with €400 bar tabs we made a point to check the damage of ours each morning after breakfast.

We also made an effort to grab a few beers from the supermarket at each port to drink before re-boarding the boat. These were only a couple of euros for 2L of beer!

The guide we had on our boat was great and soon realised that our group weren’t too bothered about going to the flashiest clubs so made a point of taking us to places that were a little more reasonably priced (but still great!).

Dinners – €245.07

Both breakfast and lunch were included every day on the boat, and both far exceeded our expectations!

Sail Croatia had partner restaurants in four of the seven ports that we visited, whereby we received either a discount or were given free drinks. There was no pressure to dine here and you were free to break away from the group and do your own thing for dinner. If you’re going to skip one, make sure its not the burger place on Hvar, they were amazing! For places where there were no partner restaurants our guide had some great recommendations.

This also includes a BBQ which we had on board the boat in Mljet. This would be my only complaint about the cruise – we were told that Mljet had only one very expensive restaurant so we should take the onboard BBQ. We agreed to this at breakfast before we arrived in Mljet. Only to find out that whilst the selection was limited, there were still other reasonably priced options available! Thankfully the BBQ was delicious so this experience didn’t leave a bad taste in our mouths. 

Excursions – €225.33

How Much Does Sail Croatia Cost

On advice we had from others who had previously done the cruise, we were pretty selective about the excursions that we chose. After all, we had paid for a cruise so there was no point cutting down our time at the picturesque swim stops to do something else!

Zip lining in Makarska was without a doubt our favourite (and most expensive) excursion. We were bussed up into the mountains and then zip lined our way down 8 zip lines – the longest was 700m and over 100m high! The views were absolutely incredible and the guides were professional and funny. There was nothing that could have made the excursion any better! For more details on each excursion we did you can read our post about them here.

Tips – €34

We had no idea that tipping was customary/expected for the crew on board the boat. On the last morning our guide kindly gave us the suggestion of around 200 kuna each for the crew. To us this seemed pretty fair as they’d gone above and beyond to make sure we had a good time. He didn’t, however, let us know what was expected to tip him. Our consensus within our group felt that 50 kuna would be acceptable.

In the scheme of things it’s not an enormous amount of money – but when you don’t budget for it it does sting a little!

Misc – €126.44

There were some other costs that dont fall under the above four categories – but they’re costs nonetheless! This includes

€20 each of tourist tax
€13.33 costumes for the pirate party – if you bring your own you’ll save here! 
€14.67 on additional transportation
€59.11 for snacks as these weren’t sold on the boat

Total Sail Croatia Cost – €1907.64 (for two people) 

That means that all up Sail Croatia cost €136.26 each per day on board. This is definitely above the €89 daily budget we have, but we expected that heading into it. You can’t cruise the islands, party every night and do extra excursions and not expect things to blow out.

The week was one of the best of our trip so far and I’d say it was definitely money well spent!


How much does Sail Croatia Cost?

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