Getting Sick on Sail Croatia

Getting Sick on Sail Croatia

I feel like death.

It’s the morning following the biggest night on Sail Croatia and my body is not happy. I knew I was pushing it. I had developed a bit of a cold but I couldn’t let that stop me. I knew I had to be on form for the legendary dress up cave party, oh and I was. Dressed up as a filthy pirate, I brought out my signature dance moves and horrendous lip syncing, and even managed to squeeze in a quick skinny dip with some of our new friends. It was one of the best nights of my life – but everyone would agree, I do not deserve to feel like this the following day.

Getting Sick on Sail CroatiaTake the enjoyment level of the night, times it by negative ten and that’s how I’m feeling right now. Turns out I’ve got a stomach bug on top of a hangover and my lingering cold – all mixed together with the motion of the boat. It’s the cocktail of hell. I’m now lying in the foetal position in our dark little cabin in the hull of the boat. Why oh why didn’t we pay the extra €100 to get a cabin upstairs that has a door and window that opens outside!? 

Initially we thought these rooms were the bees knees. On our particular boat (Tuna) they were bigger and had double beds (better for couples), they were out of the sun and so stayed cooler, there was air con in the hallway, and being down in the hull there is less motion compared to upstairs. That’s until everyone started getting sick and people soon started referring to them as ‘the dungeons’. Going to sleep involved a lullaby of coughing from three out of the six underground rooms. It became a bit of a joke, that’s until today.

I emerge from the dungeon for a brief moment at 5pm, only to find out that two other shipmates from the dungeons have also been unwell and have not risen yet. Was it the lack of air flow down there or was it just a coincidence we all got sick? I seemed to have got whatever it was the worst. You see, I’m a true believer in if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right! 

Still not able to face food, let alone another drink, I ended up spending the last night by myself in the cabin feeling very sorry for myself. It wasn’t a big night from the sounds of things but I felt like I had still missed out.

So what should you take away from my experience? Maybe pay the extra money for a cabin that has a door that opens outside, or at least has an opening window. I feel that a lack of air flow was the culprit for at least some of my sickness! It also means that you can hang your wet towels and togs outside and not in your room. There is also the option to pay for a change of towels while on board. Each person gets two towels but these get pretty gross by the end of the week, especially when you have a cabin in the hull and cannot fully dry them in your room. Unfortunately I only found this out on the last day. If I do Sail Croatia again I’d also invest in a some high strength vitamins and hand sanitizer, because boats are not the most hygienic things and your body does get run down with all that amount of drinking! 

Has my story put you off going at all? Don’t be silly – most people do Sail Croatia and are fine. If anyone was going to get sick it was me, and I did! Despite those horrible 24 hours in my cabin it was still one of the best weeks of my life. This post is by no way a dig at Sail Croatia either. In fact I can’t fault the company. Everything from the crew, the food, to the daily excursions were top notch! 

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